Pongour Waterfall Tour

Pongour Waterfall Tour


This tour is a combination of Dalat Nature and Architecture, We will take you to the biggest waterfall in the south of Viet Nam, and show you the special character of Dalat through many buildings architecture.





- Robin Hill: Look at our city from above. A panorama view of the City. the opposite is the view of pine trees

- Cable Car: 2.3 km the cable connects Robin hill and TrucLam monastery. listen to the birds chirping and see some farmers farming strawberries on their Land.

- Trúc Lâm Monastery: The biggest monastery in the south of Viet Nam. Open in 1994. It is a meditation center for study.

- Tuyen Lam Lake: like the ocean winding around some islands. It is surrounded with a pine trees forest. make the watercolor in dark green.

- Prenn Waterfall: it small but cute. you can walk behind the water, here you also can join in many activities like Elephant riding, Ostrich or Elephant riding.

- Pongour waterfall: The waterfall with 7 terraces like a girl hair in white color, more than 200 meters width so it is considered that the biggest waterfall in the south Viet Nam.

- French villas: Visit Tran Hung Dao street, See many buildings in different styles, which were built from the 1920s to know more about French architecture.

- Old Railway Station: The highest, Oldest and most beautiful Railway station in Vietnam.



  • Our Guide and Driver come to pick you up at your hotel and heading to the robin hill. Our guide will tell you a bit of Dalat History and help you take your pictures. 
  • Da Lat Cable Car is one of the longest cable car in Vietnam with the most modern technology of Austria and Switzerland with 50 cabins, 2300 m long from Robin Hill to Truc Lam Zen. At an altitude of 1,600m, visitors will have a strange feeling filled with a poetic panoramic view of Da Lat city, watching the majestic mountains, merging in the fog. located next to the Truc Lam Zen Monastery, an indispensable tourist attraction in Dalat, especially the pilgrimage tours.
  •  Visit Truc Lam Monastery. A beautiful and Peaceful Institute for Buddhist to pray. it facing with the Tuyen Lam lake, surrounding with a flower garden and many bonsai trees. a nice place for you to relax and take pictures.
  • We keep going down the Prenn Pass and visit the Preen waterfall. here a long time ago they have a conflict between the local people and the Cham People and they use the waterfall to hide behind the water. so it got the name Prenn, which means conflict land,
  • We go further on highway 20 and visit the Pongour waterfall. it is a volcanic region but now it stops working, both sides of the waterfall is a rain forest, if lucky you can see monkeys, water fresh and in white color, so you can play with water if you want.
  • French villas: an area of many French buildings, which were built in the 1920s. it used to be houses of French officers where they worked and relax, each house has it own character and beautiful look. our guide will let you know more about our history with French.
  • Old Railway Station: It was built in 1832-1838 in Decor architecture, it became heritage with the cog railway and the old Steam head. bring a romantic beauty. it now became a hot pick spot for wedding Photos in Dalat.


We will have lunch at a local restaurant about 50.000 Vnd/person. or any restaurants you want in the city. it based on the demand of customer of food. veggie food for vegetarian.


  • Bring some extra money to spend for food and drinks.
  • Wearing shoes and hat will be better for the waterfall.
  • We will bring some umbrellas if it is going to rain. But you should bring your own raincoat so you can wear your own one.
  • Tip for guide and driver: it is flexible you can tip or not.  it is based on how satisfied you are.

Extra information:

  • Transportation: private car ( =<4 Private 7 seat car. =< 6 persons : 9 seat Van. =<12 person: Private 16 seat car)
  • Pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want to pick up in the City  ( pay extra: 20 Usd if you want to pick up from the airport).
  • pick up time: 8.30 am
  • Tour includes  English speaking tour guide. all entrance fee. Car. driver. one bottle of water.
  • Not included: Your food, Cable car ticket ( 60.000 Vnd)
  • Hiden fee: No hidden fee.

Price for our tour

We Have Discount for Group  >4 people. if you are a big family please contact for the best price.
pax 2 3 4 5 6 7 12
Usd/pax 40  35 30 26 24 25 20
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