Dalat Jeep Tour

Dalat Jeep Tour

Jeep is the greatest transport for all of the difficult roads. If you are the person who doesn't dare about the challenges so Jeep will be the excellent option for you doing our tour.




Itinerary of One day Dalat countryside tour by jeep.

  1. Van Thanh flower village: This is the one of three biggest flower village in Dalat, so you have a chance to know more about the way how people grow flowers.
  2. Linh An Pagoda: which is a big pagoda nearby elephant waterfall. You can see the big happy Buhda statue behind of the main building. 
  3. Elephant waterfall: This is a gorgeous waterfall where you can see the very beautiful landscape of nature and listen to the story about elephant waterfall.
  4. Coffee plantation: Where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the huge coffee plantation
  5. Rice winemaking house: Where people let you try the local drink is very strong. you can know the process how to make wine there 
  6. Silkworm factory: You have a chance to see many little worms who is the producer make the outstanding silkworm materials for human
  7. The famous Weasel Coffee: you will come and see the weasel farm. They are the very cute creature who produce the most expensive coffee in the world.


The tour will start at 8:30, tour guide, a driver with a strong jeep car will pick up you at your hotel and start the tour program. First of all, You will go to flower village and admire the beautiful flowers there. Your tour guide will show you one of many greenhouses there to let you know how the local people grow flowers. After enjoying the moment in flower village, let come back to the jeep and conquer the very long hill name Ta Nung. On the way you can not disapprove the beautiful sense there, The jeep car will take you to go through the pine forest and the other side of the road will be the big valley full of big old trees. Finishing Ta Nung hill, your Jeep will take you to come and see the biggest coffee plantation and the weasel farm in the same place. At this stop, you can order a cup of coffee and enjoy the countryside scene with a thousand coffee trees, lake, and mountain below the coffee shop. After feeling full of energy, we will discover the most powerful waterfall in Dalat, It is Elephant waterfall, however, the way let you go to the underneath of this waterfall is very rocky, therefore you should pay attention in every single step. After that, you will visit the Linh An Pagoda which is the biggest pagoda in that areas, you should go around the pagoda to enjoy the peaceful landscape and take pictures of Happy Buhda statue. Continuing your tour, we will take you to the silkworm factory where is producing a thousand meters of the silk right now. You have a chance to know this traditional job of the local people here. and figure out how they make silk form where. Next, It will be the rice winemaking house. It will be the greatest place for the drinking lover, you will try to know how the local people make wine from rice and you can drink this very strong wine with the local people. After this place, we will take you back to your hotel let you take a rest after the whole day tour.


We will have lunch at a local restaurant about 50.000 Vnd/person. or any restaurants you want in the city. it based on the demand of customer of food. veggie food for vegetarian.


  • Bring some extra money to spend for food and drinks.
  • Wearing shoes and hat will be better for the waterfall.
  • We will bring some umbrellas if it is going to rain. But you should bring your own raincoat so you can wear your own one.
  • Tip for guide and driver: it is flexible you can tip or not.  it is based on how satisfied you are.

Extra information:

  • Transportation: private car ( =<4 Private 7 seat car. =< 6 persons : 9 seat Van. =<12 person: Private 16 seat car)
  • Pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want to pick up in the City  ( pay extra: 20 Usd if you want to pick up from the airport).
  • pick up time: 8.30 am
  • Tour includes  English speaking tour guide. all entrance fee. Car. driver. one bottle of water.
  • Not included: Your food , 
  • Hiden fee: No hidden fee.

Price for our tour: 

We Have Discount for Group  >4 people. if you are a big family please contact for the best price.

pax 2 3 4 5
Usd/pax 60  50 40 35

3-days tour DA LAT-MUI NE with the legendary jeep

The first-day tour starts from Da Lat to Di Linh With the jeep, we will discover the most beautiful and challenging road without the traffic light and tourists. Let you see the wild and countryside landscape on the way we are traveling, Moreover, we still have to complete all the necessary destinations we will go to visit as below:

  • Flower village - Rice Wine family factory,
  • Silkworm house and a silk factory. 
  • Weasel coffee and coffee plantation. 
  • Elephant waterfall.
  • Linh An Pagoda. 
  • Mushroom Farm 
  • Ponguar waterfalls.
  • Pepper Plantation.

The second day

Tour starts from Di Linh to Bao Loc Wake up at 8:30 and you still can enjoy the cool climate in this area, have your breakfast to recharge your energy to make up a new beautiful day with us and Jeep: here is the list of a new task we need to today, Hope you like it.

  • Visiting the tea Plantation " This is a biggest of Tea in South of Vietnam.
  • Go fishing and taking the picture with the farmers or the local people -
  • Trekking in the mountain, 
  • Visiting Coffee Plantation 
  • Going To Dam Briwaterfallss, 
  • Meeting the K'Ho Minority ethnic group. 
  • Enjoying Passionfruit farm and eating this fruit 
  • Depending on the weather, you can have the chance to do some activities of fruits farm on the road.

Third-day tour Start from Bao Loc to Mui Ne 

  • Visiting fairy stream 
  • Studying about Rubber plantation 
  • Eating Dragon fruit farm 
  • Enjoying and playing with the sand dunes 
  • Visiting the fishing village in Mui Ne


Pax 2 3 4 5
USD/day/pax 80  70  60 50

Included: Jeep, English speaking tour guide, water, entrance fee. and Hotel,

Dalat Jeep Tour
60 Usd
Enjoin the wind and admired Dalat sceneries by Jeep. Drive on the countryside bumpy road by Jeep will bring customers a very different experience from Cars
Dalat Elephant Riding Tour
50 Usd
Riding an Elephant go through the rain forest is a good activity in Dalat. Cruizing on the Tuyen Lam lake in the morning and visit the lovely Datanla Waterfall
Dalat Tea, Wine, Coffee Tasting Tour
50 Usd
Dalat is not only famous for it's beautifull sceneries but also famous for many delicious specitalties. Taste some tea. wine and the most expensive coffee in the world
Dalat Flower - Clay tunnel and Waterfall Tour
50 Usd
We organize this tour for you to discover all the Dalat beauties. Let's start from the east to the east and the go the the south of Dalat
Dalat Lang Biang Mountain Tour
50 Usd
Listen to the romantic legend of The Mountain, Enjoy some Coffee, Get to the highest point in Dalat, discover the Lat people culture of the central highland
Dalat Waterfall Tour
Discover the 4 wonderfull waterfalls in Dalat. these are the most famous waterfalls in Dalat and Vietnam. take a rest and you also can play with the water
Dalat Bird Watching Tour
100 Usd
A preserve bird zone. Bidoup national park is a great place for bird experts have beautiful of bird pictures. Go inside the Jungle and hunt for the best photoshots
Dalat Bicycle Tour
50 Usd
Dalat is a Ideal city for cycling you will immerse in the nice weather and beautiful sceneries of the flower city, Listen to the birds chirping in the morning