Pongour Waterfall Dalat

Pongour waterfall or also known as 7 cascading waterfalls, this is the most beautiful waterfall of the Central Highlands. The waterfall is located in Duc Trong district, about 50km south of Da Lat city on the National Highway 20.

Pongour falls from a cliff 40 meters Pouring down a deep valley, the width of the cliff is over 100 meters. Surrounding the Pongour waterfall is the primeval forest and rocky interstices between the water flowing from the falls are spectacular and beautiful. it is called seven cascading waterfalls because of the water poured from the top of the waterfall into the valley through a system of seven steps high stairs.

An imposing corner of Pongour Falls.


Legend of Pongour Falls.

In the past, the village had a very beautiful K'Ho female leader named Kanai. Kanai has 4 giant rhinoceros always obey her orders, they bring water to help people in the village, so they are always warm and happy. When the war broke out, all four rhinoceros attacked the enemy to protect the village. then Suddenly the first day of spring, on a full moon day, Knai felt ill and died.the 4 Rhinoceros were so sad, they didn't eat till die. One morning dawn, people in the village suddenly see where Kanai died, sadly appeared a beautiful waterfall, the water is white, the layers neatly folded from top to bottom. For the terraces, those are the Rhinoceros Horns. This story is told through many lifetimes as a legend of the majestic Pongour Falls and also a message for the relationship between nature and human.

Panoramic view of Pongour waterfall.


Pongour Waterfall is the only waterfall in Vietnam with the annual festival of the first lunar month. At this time, the boys and girls all over the place gather here to participate in the spring festival, this is the opportunity for people to exchange, live open, sincere and freedom to learn and love each other.

The ticket price to visit Pongour waterfall is 20 000 VND / person. Tourists will walk on a stone-paved road about 500m to the foot of the falls or can take the shorter steep path about 200m. Come here for sightseeing, tourists should pay attention to not climbing the cliff is very slippery and dangerous.