Elephant Waterfall Dalat


Elephant Falls is the third largest waterfall in Lam Dong Province, located in Nam Ban Town, Lam Ha District, 25km south west of Da Lat City and one of the most famous attractions of the countryside tour
Elephant waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls of the Central Highlands, the waterfall is 30m high and 15m wide. From a distance looking at the waterfall falls like a white silk strip, which looks majestic and beautiful.

A corner of the falls - Da Lat

According to the K'Ho chiefs who lived here long ago, he said that: Long time ago, there was a chief of this village, he had a beautiful daughter whenever She sang the song, the leaves will scatter and the birds stopped singing to listen. She fell in love with a young man who was the son of the village headman. His face was charismatic, brave and courageous. They love each other, swear to be wife and husband, but one day he had to join in the military to protect the village, they went out, then many years passed. no more back ...

 the girl, She went to a wild mountain where they used to date, she sang passionately, melancholy in the hope that he will hear and find the old place to reunite. Then all the birds were touched by her emotions, they flew away to find the news and told her that he had died in the battlefield forever will not return. In extreme pain, she continued to sing her rhythm until she was exhausted, collapsed, and never recovered.

Another corner of the waterfall - Nam Ban - Outside of Da Lat

A troop of elephants for a long time heard her singing is also became silent rocks. then there was a loud explosion shaking the ground so that the mountains split in half, breaking into a large white waterfall flowing white water Waterfall at night screaming with the rustling of the mountains and forests, the birds singing to continue the sad lyrics about the love, deep faithful. To commemorate this sad story, the indigenous people of K'Ho here named the waterfall, Elephant waterfall.

At present, they have been upgraded to serve tourist activities, and the price of a tourist ticket is 20.000VND. Under the Elephant Falls, there is still a lot of waste due to the lack of consciousness dropping down the stream, and some tourists drop litter, this is one of the things that make visitors uncomfortable visit this waterfall