Dalat Clay Tunnel


Da Lat Sculpture Museum, also known as the clay tunnel, clay village ... This is a new and attractive tourist attraction in Da Lat in recent years.

Dalat sculpture tunnel was built and built next by Tuyen Lam lake in 2010 and the owner of this project is Mr. Trinh Ba Dung, a businessman from Saigon. At the beginning of the project, Mr. Dung built two clay houses with basalt clay mixed with a special admixture that allowed the clay to get hard without baking through high temperatures.

After success with two clay houses, he continued to build a tunnel of about 2km long, reproducing the entire development of Dalat city, when starting to enter the tourist gate, Guests will be able to admire the majestic natural scenery such as the elephant, monkeys, mountain forests Langbiang ... this is considered the process of simulating the period Da Lat wild, untapped. Deeper inside the resort are architectural works such as the College of Pedagogy, Da Lat Station, Con Ga Church, Vespa ... all these symbols as evidence for the process of the exploit and the development of Da Lat city after Dr. Yersin found this land in 1893.

The house made of clay inside the Sculpture Tunnel has been recognized by the Vietnam Book of Records as The first unbaked red brick house with the most unique style, The roof has a map of Vietnam

Clay Tunnel Tourism has officially opened for visitors beginning at the end of 2014, ticket price tunnel tuning present is 60,000 VND / 1 adult and 40 000 VND / 1, child. You should visit here early in the morning or late afternoon because at noon this place is quite hot because there is no shade trees, the two sides of the tunnel are brown sculptures create sunlight radiation pretty hot.