Besides the wild simple beauty, and warm love of people, Dalat cuisine is also one of the typical features of this land. The place where the climate is cold all year round, Da Lat's dishes are mostly warm and hot. In addition, the delicious dishes of Da Lat have a diverse combination with seasonal vegetables. Da Lat cuisine is the inheritance and creation based on the region's long-standing culinary foundation. Let's learn about the dishes that make up the culinary culture of the following Dalat people!
Quail eggs and dipping sauce.

For the people of Central Vietnam, the cake is not really a dish too strange, but it is a different story. It is not known from time to time, the flat cake has become a typical breakfast dish to try when visitors visit the mountain town. Dalat cake is sold primarily in small shops along the road. A few of the tables and child seats were enough space for both sellers and users. Delicious cake, cozy bakery has become one of the beautiful impression in the heart of tourists.." Banh Căn " cake is mainly cast with quail eggs. Ripe cake will be picked out in pairs, displayed on a plate with spring rolls and onion. In other regions, base cakes are often served with fish sauce. Particularly in Dalat, you will have the opportunity to enjoy cake with dipping sauce.Fragrant, crispy, greasy and bold is what diners can feel when popping a pair of crunchy hot cakes into a cup of spicy, slightly spicy sauce with chili fat. A pair of flat cakes here usually only range from 3,000 to 5,000 VND / pair so you can have a full stomach without worrying about money problems.Cake wet chicken heartThis is also one of the dishes that reminds customers, remembering if they ever had a chance to enjoy. Unlike other localities, wet cakes in Da Lat are not eaten with sour spring rolls, the silk rolls that wet cakes here are used in combination with chicken and chicken hearts.Da Lat people are very meticulous and careful when processing this unique dish. Wet dough is a type of flour that is ground with a good taste of rice, blended with high-quality flour and cassava flour in a certain proportion.The chicken and chicken parts used with the cake are well prepared. Selected chickens are usually garden chickens with a size not too large, making sure the meat is not too mushy or too tough. Chicken hearts will be prepared and ready to be cooked, until cooked.

The standard criterion for processing chicken heart is the fishy smell and the strong taste. With chicken, the processor can be steamed or boiled.When used, diners will feel the aromatic and plastic taste of the cake, mixing with the fat taste of chicken heart with the sweetness of the meat. The cake is served with rich sauce with fish sauce mixed with garlic, lemon and chili.Artichoke soup stewed pork porkCasserole soup stew pork is evaluated as one of the top dishes of Da Lat cuisine. Artichoke is a nutritious flower, grown and grown very well in Dalat. Artichokes seem to be used a lot in Dalat meals.In fact, with recipes that are widely available today, you can absolutely enjoy this soup anywhere. But the feeling of being round and unique is when you enjoy this soup in Dalat. Currently, this dish is present in most restaurants, restaurants of the mountain town. A little cool of artichokes blends in with the softness of pork, which makes you feel satisfied. The broth of the soup is sweet and cool, stimulating all senses of the enjoy.Besides being one of the famous delicacies of Da Lat, artichoke soup with pork rolls is also a dish that brings many health benefits. Some typical uses of soup can be mentioned as: good sleep, diuretic, cool liver, increase health.